Create Your Own Christmas Penguin Cake Topper

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Here we have some step by step instructions that will help you create your very own Christmas Penguin cake topper

How cute is this penguin cake decoration? They are fab and would be a great addition to your festive cakes for christmas.

Just follow the step by step instructions below.

Equipment Used:

Step 1. Take some black icing & roll into a cone shape.

Step 2. Roll out some white icing & cut into an egg shaped oval, slightly tapered at the top where the face will be.

Step 3. Using a small amount of water fix the white oval to the black cone, once fixed make a small indentation using the cone tool. See picture.

Step 4. Using the back of the knife tool make a crease as the picture shows.

Step 5. Use the cone shape tool to make 2 holes for the eyes & insert the black sugar pearls for the eyes.

Step 6. Take a small amount of the orange icing & roll into a ball, using both hands, fore finger & thumb pinch the ball into a diamond shape. Also using the orange icing cut 2 ovals for the feet.

Step 7. Using the knife cut a line across the diamond shape then insert the cone tool into the centre of the line to create the mouth. Using a small amount of water fix the mouth central to the crease on the body & the feet to the base.

Step 8. To create the wings cut 2 oval shapes out of the black icing then trim one side into a point. Using water fix the point of the wing to the body & gently curl up the bottom of the wing using the flat of the knife tool.

Step 9. Roll red icing into a cone shape for the hat & use the ball tool to hollow out room at the base of the hat to help it sit on the head.Use water to fix.

Step 10. Finally roll some white icing into a ball & using water fix it to the top of the hat.

There you have it, a wonderful addition to your festive cakes for christmas.


Beautiful Lemon & Poppy Seed Cupcake Recipe For Mother’s Day

Fancy making a homemade treat this year for mum? What better way to treat her by taking round some scrumptious homemade lemon and poppy seed cupcakes.  Enjoy them over a cup of tea and a catch up. This cupcake recipe will not disappoint, using a classic but loved combination of flavours. These cupcakes are beautifully finished with cherry blossom flowers in uplifting spring colours. They will definitely make you and your mother smile. Learn how to make yours here!

Ingredients (makes 6)

  • 100g Self raising flour
  • 60g Caster sugar
  • ½ Lemon zest
  • 1 Tablespoon poppy seeds
  • 30g Lemon curd style yogurt
  • 1  Medium egg
  • 60g Butter (melted)
  • ½ Teaspoon vanilla extract

For the topping

1. Preheat the oven to 180°c and place 6 cake cases into a bun tin.

2. Mix together the flour, sugar, lemon zest and poppy seeds.

3. Place the butter in to a microwavable jug and melt. This should only take around 30 seconds.

4. In a separate bowl beat the egg in to the yogurt until they are nicely combined.

5. Add the melted butter & yogurt mixture in to the dry ingredients. Give everything a good mix in.

6. Finally, add the vanilla extract and mix.

7. Evenly spoon your cake mixture in to the cake cases and bake for around 10 – 15 minutes. To check your cakes are cooked simply prick a fork in to the middle of the cake. If the fork comes out clean they are ready. If the fork comes out with sticky mixture stuck on then leave the cakes a little longer to cook.

8. When the cakes are cooked, leave them to cool whilst you make the cherry blossom flower toppers.

9. Firstly, take a small cut off the Renshaw Regal Icing. Using the back of a teaspoon, drizzle a tiny amount of the SugarFlair colouring paste on to the regal icing and knead until all the icing is evenly coloured. This will make the small centre of the flower.

10. Next dust a clean surface with sieved icing sugar. Roll out your Renshaw Regal Icing to around 1-2mm thick. Using your steel blossom cutter carefully cut out the basic shape.

11. Place a tiny ball of the Melon coloured regal icing on to the centre ‘hole’ in the mould.

12. Carefully place your cut out flower shape on top of the Melon coloured icing centre.

13. Gently press the mould together, hold for around 5 seconds.

14. Open up the mould and you should have a beautiful little flower. Carefully lift out the flower and place in the corner of your bun tin or on a spoon to set. Repeat the process another 5 times.

15. To make the butter cream, cream together the butter and icing sugar until smooth. Add the lemon juice and drizzle a small amount of the Sugarflair Melon colouring paste. Mix well until the icing is evenly coloured.

16. Pipe the icing on top of the cakes and place your home made cherry blossom topper on top.

There you have it, gorgeous spring cupcakes perfect for Mother’s Day.

15 St Patrick’s Day Tasty Bakes

On Monday 17th of March it will be St Patrick’s Day which means we get to feast on some tasty Irish themed bakes. It is an Irish cultural and religious tradition dating back to AD 385-461. Back then a feast would be the way to celebrate however it seems now a day drinking Guinness has topped all ways to celebrate it. Well here at MakeBake we want you to be inspired and make a delicious baking inspired feast! Here are 15 ‘Irish’ recipes to get you going, and just to warn you may need to top up your Bailey’s Irish Cream & Guinness before you get started!

Baileys Cupcakes

Like Bailey’s Irish Cream? Good, these cupcakes are made with Bailey’s Irish cream and topped with Bailey’s Irish cream. A delicious moist cupcake that we think will go perfectly with your morning coffee, well come on, it is St Patrick’s Day! Recipe & photo by easybaked.

Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake

A typical red velvet cake made green just for St Patricks Day. Your Irish friends and family will be pleased. A gorgeous 3 tired tinted green cake that includes a cake layer, a cheesecake layer, followed by another cake layer all topped off with frosting! One for baker that likes a challenge. Recipe & photo by recipegirl.

Irish Apple Cake

Apparently Irish Apple Cake is the most popular pudding in Ireland. So why not give it a try? A great pudding to finish an Irish feast that would be best served straight out of the oven with a generous dollop of ice cream. Our taste buds are certainly tingling!   Photo & recipe by jugglingwithkids.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies

Is it just us or when we look on a pudding menu our eyes seem to fixate on the brownie or chocolate choice without even seeing the other choices. If this sounds like you too then you will love these brownies. A great way to use up any leftover Bailey’s Irish cream and also a great excuse to indulge just because guessed it it’s St Patrick’s Day! Winner!   Recipe & photo by foxeslovelemons.

Irish Stout Cake with Baileys Ganache

Have you left over Baileys and Guinness from your family at Christmas time? Not a fan of drinking these straight? Well why not make them in to a cake! This indulgent cake features a moist boozy stout cake mixture that is sandwiched together with Bailey’s cream cheese frosting and is lathered in delicious Bailey’s ganache. A great Irish inspired show stopper cake.   Recipe & photo by Javacupcake.

Irish Soda Bread

A traditional savoury bake that was favoured by the Irish as it only originally used four ingredients.  This is a great ‘quick rise’ bread recipe that was first baked when the Irish were introduced to bicarbonate of soda. Irish soda bread became that popular that it can be found in supermarkets but we still prefer homemade. So why not give this a go.   Recipe & photo by cookinginbliss.

Irish Potato Candy

Don’t be fooled by the name… there is no potato here, only a soft mixture that somewhat resembles potatoes. Baking does not have to be hard or complicated, so if you feel like sticking to some really easy baking then try these little Irish sweets – a great way to spend St Patricks Day with the kids.   Recipe & photo by mostlyhomemademom.

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

These cakes are made from the inspiration of a drink that the Americans named Irish Car Bomb (Guinness, Irish whiskey and Irish cream) that was inspired by the Irish. How does that sound? Yes a Guinness cake, with an Irish whiskey ganache secret centre that is topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream. A great way to start celebrating St Patricks Day.   Recipe & photo by cookauvin.

Lucky Charms Cereal Bars

Remember Lucky Charms cereal?! Here at MakeBake we were so excited by this recipe! Lucky Charms once was our favourite childhood cereal and what a great way to share your memories with your children by baking Lucky Charms in to these delicious Irish celebratory cereal bars.   Recipe & photo by sweetbellaroos.

Chocolate Cake with Mint Butter Cream

A simple and classic chocolate cake with an Irish twist. This cake uses beautiful mint green colouring and yummy mint flavouring to produce an Irish style buttercream. A perfect combination of flavours, and of course, the perfect colours for an Irish celebration.   Recipe & photo by roxanashomebaking.

Guinness and Baileys Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

We don’t ever think you can have one to many cupcake recipes. This one is for the adults, featuring a dark Guinness cake base, with a secret hidden chocolate Bailey’s ganache centre all topped off with Bailey’s buttercream and then drizzled in caramel. The sweet centre and topping is a great combination with the dark cake base, an all-round great cupcake recipe that will certainly impress your friends.   Recipe & photo by veronicascornucopia.

Lucky Petits Fours

Here at MakeBake we love a little Petiti Fours. These are sweet little shamrock shaped cut cakes that are carefully sliced in to three layers that are then sandwiched together with buttercream and then dunked in glaze icing. Oh my! Make these and your friends will all be surprised by what is inside. These Petit Fours are not to be under-estimated.   Photo & recipe by celebratingeverydaylife.

St Patricks Day Macaroons

A chocolate free bake, but still just as sweet. Fancy a little light baking for an elegant Irish themed afternoon tea party? Well make sure you don’t miss out on featuring these little treats.   Recipe & photo by craft-o-manic.

Baileys Cheese Cake Cupcakes

We can’t get enough of Bailey’s Irish Cream on St Patricks Day; it is a great liquor that can be used in so many ways. These little cheesecakes sound so indulgent; you will want to invite people round just for an excuse to make them. So if your treating your Irish friends or family for dinner, make sure you finish it off with these as dessert! Yum!   Recipe & photo by baked-in.

Grasshopper Mint Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

One for the kids, an easy cookie based recipe that the children can really get involved in. Let them decorate with sticky green butter cream and top with extra chocolate. And who says you have to stop there with decorating? Why not go all out and get some green sprinkles or shamrock shapes and decorate the top of the chocolate before it sets.   Recipe & photo by sixsistersstuff.

16 Delicious Valentine’s Treats

Are you looking to sweeten-up your valentine this year? Strike the right mood with baked goods. You know what they say – the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Impress your significant other with some of these mouthwatering recipes:

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Hearts

First up are these heart-shaped shortbreads, with a chocolatey twist (because it’s Valentine’s Day; and what’s Valentine’s Day without a massive cocoa hit?). You can eat these biscuits plain, but we personally love the fact that they’re dipped in decadent white chocolate. And it gives you an excuse to buy heart-shaped cookie cutters!

Image and recipe from The Crazy Kitchen.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

Not the brightest baker in the kitchen? You don’t need to have a degree from Cordon Bleu to master these strawberry treats. You can even get the kids involved! Just be sure they don’t pinch too much of the melted chocolate while you’re not looking.

Image and recipe from French Press.

Chocolate Valentine’s Sandwich

No sandwich jokes, please – it’s Valentine’s Day. These cute, bite-sized biccies come with gorgeous cherry frosting. Be careful to keep the filling thick, otherwise this lovely recipe could end up all over your shirt!

Image and recipe from Glorious Treats.

Chocolate Valentine Surprise Loaf

You may be noticing a bit of a chocolate theme here…and we’re not even a little bit sorry. This rich loaf is a great way to impress your valentine with your baking skills. Don’t worry; we wouldn’t give you anything too challenging – it’s actually super easy to make!

Image and recipe from Recipe Girl.

Honey Nut Cupcake For Valentine’s Day

Honey and nuts – a match made in heaven. This is perfect for that rare breed of valentine: chocolate haters (gasp!). Show your love with crushed pistachios and golden honey instead. We guarantee that it will be a hit.

Image and recipe from The Cupcake Project.

 Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches For Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love Oreos? Seeing as Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, you might not have a lot of time to cook up a storm in the kitchen (or deal with the floury mess that’s left behind). These are perfectly quick and easy, so you can surprise your loved one with some delicious bites.

Image and recipe from Food Family & Finds.

Valentine’s Cream Wafers

Mmmm… melty. These light alternatives to heavy stacks of chocolate are not only pleasing on the eye, but pleasing on the palette. Cream is our one weakness.

Image and recipe from Betty Crocker.

Valentine’s Candy Bark

We know what you’re thinking: this looks crazy. But it’s actually a brightly-coloured, sugary delight! Especially when presented as chocolate shards in a beautiful bowl, this kid-friendly recipe is ideal for Valentine’s Day with the family.

Image and recipe from Life With The Crust Off.

Valentine’s Day Cake Balls

We’re getting hungry now – aren’t you? Stick with us. It only gets better! Do you love cake pops but can’t be bothered with the faff of getting it to stay fixed on the stick? Skip that step! They’re just as good in little cases.

Image and recipe from Skinny Taste.

Valentine’s Day Frosted Sugar Cookies

The great thing about sugar cookies is that you pretty much have free rein over decoration. Time to load your icing guns and equip your sprinkle grenades. Get creative – who cares about the mess anyway; it’s Valentine’s Day!

Image and recipe from Culinary Hill.

Valentine’s Day M&M Fudge

Double-take. This recipe has got to be love at first sight. Why didn’t we think of this magnificent combination? Do yourself a favour this year and try this at home.

Image and recipe from Creme De La Crumb.

Valentine’s Day Oreo Cake Pops

What can we say? We like Oreos, okay? We love the Valentine’s colours here, but feel free to decorate these sumptuous treats any way you like!

Image and recipe from A Cedar Spoon.

Valentine’s Pita Crunch

Yes, these chocolate masterpieces have been made with pita chips – but it doesn’t stop there! You can make them with pretzels too. There’s certainly one thing we’ve learned from our favourite round-up of Valentine’s recipes this year: you’re going to need a lot of sprinkles.

Image and recipe from Noble Pig.

Vanilla Bean Valentine’s Cookies With Chocolate Hearts

Vanilla bean packs a flavoursome punch, so we’re really excited about these cookies. Chocolate (tick), sprinkles (tick), cookies (tick) – what more do you want from a Valentine’s  Day treat?

Image and recipe from Shugary Sweets.

White And Pink Meringues For Your Valentine

Otherwise known as ‘kisses,’ these meringue swirls require a little technique in the baking and piping department, but they are so worth it. The good news is that you probably have all the ingredients in your cupboards, so you can have a few practices until you’re happy with the results! Nobody need ever know…

Image and recipe from Eat Good 4 Life.

White Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Fortune Cookies

Seeing as we celebrated Chinese New Year not so long ago, it seems right that you go for an oriental-romantic fusion. You could even create your own love-themed fortunes and tie them around your cookies with a ribbon. There’s a lot of fun to be had with these mouthfuls of heaven.

Image and recipe from Java Cupcake.