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Cake Pops & Push Pops

As the cupcake revolution pushes ever further forward, new and exciting ideas twist and turn the original cupcake concept on its head. Where once you would be forgiven for thinking that no more could be done with the simple cupcake now it is impossible to imagine a less creative and imaginative area of baking.

However when looking for that little something different don't overlook cake pops! A new and tasty treat the cake pop offers cake on a stick and a new way to enjoy the winning combination of cake base, icing and a multitude of exciting toppings.

For a wide range of cake pops try Pop Bakery or My Little Cupcake both of which provide unique and fun designs.

With a range of decorative cupcake pops on offer, from the basic to the deluxe, designs come in different colours, sizes and novelty options. However, like most cakes, each design offers a different flavour, with each mini cake on a stick proving an edible delight in its own right.

As out go macaroons, in come the cupcake pops and with them an extra treat in the shape of a push pop cake. Simple, fun and easy to eat this miniature treat is a cupcake shot and one that comes in a variety of exciting cake and topping combinations.

With so many options now on offer cakes and cupcakes are no longer the picnic and delicate dessert they once were. Now they can be enjoyed whenever and wherever and now they are just as much about the art of baking as they are about the eating!