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Cupcake Clams

For special occasions, cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular. This is particularly the case for weddings where individual cakes are taking preference over a large cake. It is imperative that these cakes arrive in the best possible condition, expertly designed and iced to round off the perfect day.

It is always difficult to find the best way to transport cupcakes. Because of the way parcels are handled, it is likely that the cakes will be turned over in their box several times and therefore not arrive at their destination in the best condition. A form of creative packaging is required to ensure the cupcakes arrive undamaged. It is of prime importance that the cakes remain steady, even if the container is upside down.

Cupcake clams have therefore been designed. These are plastic dome shaped containers which will safely hold the product. These clams will pack each cupcake individually or in twin packaging. Often, the cupcake clams are referred to as pods. Extensive research has gone into producing the best possible product to solve the transportation issue. The cupcake clam pods have been designed to withstand a reasonable amount of tipping over during transportation. If a pod tips over, the cake itself will not move inside the container, therefore not damaging the icing. It may be an idea to test a small supply of pods before making a large order.

These cupcake clam pods offer excellent quality and value for money. Most clams are transparent so that the cupcakes inside are easily visible. For slightly more money, neatly decorated pods can be supplied.