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Cake Dummies

For those of you who are looking to develop or improve your cake decorating skills, we have a number of high quality, reusable polystyrene cake dummies which will aid you in perfecting your icing, piping and creative techniques. From smaller three tiered cakes to larger cake designs with multiple layers, we carry an array of products which will enable you to try new designs without the hassle of baking your own test cakes. This will not only save you time, but also money that you would otherwise be spending on cake ingredients.

Because of their practical design, you can re-use this type of polystyrene cake dummy until you have perfected your techniques and you are happy to move onto the real thing. Our wide variety of stock includes single as well as multiple tier cakes which come in many shapes such as square, circular and heart shaped which are all easily washable by hand, thanks to a protective coating on all our products. The sizes that we stock range from four to fourteen inches across, with most polystyrene cake dummies also being 3 inches deep making them perfect for anything from practising butter cream, icing, piping and any other decorative ideas.

Aside from being useful for honing your cake decorating skills, these cake dummies can also be very useful for display purposes in many different places such as bakers and wedding cake shops. With all products being at an affordable price, these cake dummies are a useful asset for any cake decorator or baking enthusiast.