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Cake Decorating Moulds

For anyone interested in the art of cake making, it is a joy to know that there are such fabulous moulds on the market today. Made from high quality silicone, the moulds will not tear or rip under normal use. They can be washed in soapy, warm water and kitchen paper should be used to dry them. Cakes can be made to truly professional standards with the help of highly elaborate top decorations and moulds are what make this possible.

When using moulds, dust them liberally with cornflour. This means the paste will not stick to the mould. Then turn the mould over and shake out any excess. Look at the instruction sheet to check what size paste is needed with the particular mould. Roll the paste into a smooth ball and then roughly form the shape of the mould by flattening the paste. Press the paste into the mould. It should be level with the mould and not go over the edge. Trim off any surplus with a sharp knife or mould paste trimmer. When the paste is ready to be removed the mould should be twisted slightly then turned over and flexed.

Creating a feature on a cake can take hours. Today's experts use cake decorating moulds in all aspects of sugarcraft and cake decorating. Moulds, if treated correctly, will last a lifetime and give a great deal of pleasure both to the user and to the lucky recipient of the cake.