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Cake Pillars

If you are making a cake for a special occasion, such as a wedding or christening then you might want to have a cake that looks a bit more spectacular and this could be achieved in the form of a tiered cake. A tiered cake can create an amazing effect and is relatively easy to achieve by using cake dowels and cake pillars. You can use both dowels and pillars together, or just dowels to support your tiers, depending on the effect you wish to create.

Cake dowels are wooden or plastic pegs and they get pushed into the bottom layer of the cake. They should be spread evenly around the bottom tier and cut to the right length so that the next tier can sit on top. This can be repeated for as many tiers as you need and the dowels stop the cake layers from sinking into each other. To add an extra effect you might decide to use pillars and these come in different styles, colours and sizes. To use cake pillars the dowels should be pushed into the cake until they reach the top of the pillar so that the next tier can sit on top.

Using pillars and dowels can make any celebration cake really stand out and they help to give a professional finish to a special cake. If you are planning to make a tiered cake then you will need to make dowels and pillars a vital piece of your cake making equipment.