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Rolling Pin

Whether you're looking for a polythene non-stick, no-nonsense rolling pin to help you zip through your baking or a pin and rolling cloth to make perfect pastry, it's important to make sure you have the very best tool for the job.

You may think that since you've seen one rolling pin, you've seen them all. However, in the same way that a bad workman blames his tools, a good baker needs to be furnished with the very best in terms of equipment. In order to get the best rise from cakes, muffins and biscuits you need a rolling pin that efficiently creates the best quality dough.

Textured rolling pins provide just the solution to your kneading problems. With a deep laser cut texture carved out of rolling pins you will find easy work of managing and manipulating ingredients.

Acrylic textured rolling pins provide simple, contemporary answers to the modern day baker. By being made of durable, manmade materials any pattern can be created on the rolling pin and it also makes this into another convenient, dishwasher-proof utensil that will stand the test of time.

Rolling pins with laser cut textures are also the most convenient tool for manipulating thicker icing, marzipan and sugar paste in order to make beautiful and intricate details. With patterns as varied as Victorian roses, teddy bears, diamonds and lace, you can within mere moments have dozens of imprints of whatever pattern you choose to work with in order to create exquisite sugar details.