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The Mat

One of the trickiest parts of making and icing a cake, as every cake maker knows, is rolling out the fondant icing and getting it on the cake in one piece. One essential piece of equipment to eliminate the need for cornflour or icing sugar on your work surface is a really useful tool called The Mat. The Mat is the perfect way to roll out icing and cover a cake.

The Mat by Sweetwise is known as the ultimate fondant application system. It is the only vinyl mat, available for purchase that is completely food safe as it uses only FDA approved materials. The Mat is a good size and will cover a cake that is up to 20" by 4" high. If you decide to buy The Mat you will be able to turn out professional cake icing results, even if you are not a very experienced cake maker.

Using The Mat enables you to roll your icing out thinner, saving on the amount of fondant you need and there is also no major cleaning up required afterwards, which is always a bonus. Due to the fact that you don't need to use extra icing sugar or cornflour, using The Mat will mean that your fondant icing no longer has that chalky quality, which improves the taste. The Mat by Sweetwise is very easy to use and it works well with any kind of fondant, sugar icing and other cake coverings and it could become an essential addition to your cake making equipment.