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Cake Turntable

If you spend a lot of time making and icing cakes you will appreciate how tricky it can be to ice the cake and make it look really good. To help you ice your cake more easily and effectively and give it a more professional finish you may need to purchase a cake turntable. A cake decorating turntable is a great accessory for every cake maker as they turn and/or tilt at different angles to help put the perfect finishing touches to your cake. Having a turntable makes icing the sides of a cake much easier to manage and a tilting turntable is very useful for creating a detailed, intricate, design on the side of your cake.

There are several different styles of cake turntables available that you might decide to choose from, such as a multipurpose tilting cake decorating turntable, or alternatively, you may opt for a simple rotating turntable. All cake turntables come with feet and are non slip so that you can ice without worrying about your cake moving around. They rotate smoothly and some will tilt at different angles. The turntables are approximately 9" in diameter and are lightweight, portable, washable and sturdy.

Whichever style of turntable that you decide to go for, if you spend a lot of your time making and icing cakes then a cake turntable could be an invaluable addition to your cake making equipment collection, to help make icing a cake become a hassle free experience.