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Cake Decorating Tools

Although it is possible to make fabulous cakes and cupcakes with the most basic equipment most people will enjoy a browse through our selection of cake decorating tools some of which will give you great ideas and inspiration to produce even more professional looking cakes.

One of the most obvious pieces of equipment that any cook will require is a good piping set with a range of different tips. We stock many ranges from the most basic to larger more comprehensive sets to suit any cook's budget. Also handy is a set of sculpturing tools, spatulas and at least one or two good modelling tools to get you started.

Most kitchens will benefit from a range of brushes and we stock most types from a large pastry brush to the smaller sable brushes which are suitable for more delicate work, these also come in a range of sizes.

Confectioners' mats are extremely useful when creating decorations to go on your cakes and we have a wide variety available as well as a good range of stencils to give a lovely finish to your cakes.

Working with chocolate is not always easy but if you have a chocolate tempering thermometer you will be able to judge better when it is ready to be worked.

We stock well known and trusted brands such as Ateco, Culpitts, Wilton, Sugarveil and PME so you can be assured that all our cake decorating equipment will be of a high standard.