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Cake & Cupcake Icing

The icing on the cake really is worth waiting for and when it comes to cake baking it's something that should be considered right from the outset. Whether you're a traditionalist opting for a marzipan and white icing base or a modern creative with desire to roll your own iced flowers you can be sure that the right choice of icing will give any cake the 'wow' factor.

Today you can choose to make your own icing or by it pre-made, however for cupcake icing it really is quick, easy and fun to make your own. However first you must choose which icing you prefer, or which particularly types you wish to use as variations.

Choose from a buttercream icing, basic sugar icing or flavoured cupcake icing, all of which can be chosen to suit a wide range of cake bases, from plain sponge or chocolate to banana or fruit cakes. Of course icings can now come in a range of different colours and flavours, leaving it up to you what combinations you want to try next.

For quick easy yet undeniably fun to use icing try Betty Crocker's spray icing, available in a range of colours and perfect for miniature cupcakes. Or, if your keen on making your own simply mix Silver Spoon icing with a little water and spread or pipe onto your cooled cake.

Whichever option and brand you choose you can be sure that with a little practice you'll be transforming your baking into elegant yet tasty treats in no time!