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Add beautiful detail to cakes and enhance cake decorations with cake modelling tools from MakeBake. Whether you are shaping and trimming sugar flower decorations or adding texture and pattern to cakes, our selection of modelling tools are kitchen essentials for both professional and beginner cake makers.

Browse high quality modelling tools including PME modelling tools. At MakeBake, we sell modelling tools that cater to different decorating purposes including tools for shaping sugar flowers and tools designed to add intricate patterns to cakes.

Sugar flowers make stunning decorations for special occasion cakes and one PME tool that can be used to mould flowers and leaves into place is the PME Flower Leaf Shaper Modelling Tool. This double ended tool can be used to smooth sugar flowers and also add veining detail to leaves.

Other modelling tools available from MakeBake include modelling knives, wheeling tools and tools designed to add pattern and texture to cakes such as the PME Blade and Shell Modelling Tool which creates professional looking embossed detailing.

All of our modelling tools can be used to add professional detailing to everything from sugar pastes to marzipan and Mexican paste. As all of our modelling tools are easily washable, you can use these durable tools to create elegant cake decorations time and time again.

Add instant decorative flair to your cake creations with cake modelling tools from MakeBake. Choose from high quality and versatile PME modelling tools including a PME tool specially designed for adding intricate detailing to sugar flowers and leaves.