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Cake Decorating Stencils

Stencilling cakes for decoration has become big news in the cake business. Wedding cakes, especially, have come a long way from being plain one-colour creations. Bright patterns are achieved using cake decorating stencils, which make decorating much faster and easier.

Stencilling can be done on the side or on top of a large cake, or it can be used on cupcakes to great effect. Patterns vary from intricate curls and vines to simple daisy and leaf patterns. The stencils can be used in various ways. To create a three dimensional effect, patterns can be cut out and applied to the decorated surface. Melted chocolate would give the same raised effect. Edible colour can be lightly painted onto the icing or chocolate, air brushed on or powdered colour or cocoa powder can be lightly dusted through the stencil. Use more than one colour for an even more striking effect.

Monogrammed cup cakes are very popular and there are many styles of script to choose from. Themes like Halloween, christenings and weddings are well-represented in the choice of stencils available. Some stencil sets also include cookie cutters in the same design.

You could invest in a stencil fixing kit that fixes your stencil in place with the help of a special kind of tape and clips, especially helpful for stencilling on the side of a cake.

Apart from decorating the top of a cake, you could also apply the stencil to the cake plate to extend the theme. Different parts of the same stencil could be used for the top of a large cake as well as for cup cakes.