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Enjoy the art of candy making with Wiltons candy melts from MakeBake. Wiltons have been making cake and candy decorations, tools and ingredients for over 80 years and are a go-to cake decorating brand for professional confectioners.

At MakeBake you will find a selection of tasty flavoured and coloured Wiltons candy melts. The great thing about candy melts is that these wafer shaped candies can be easily melted in the microwave and there is no tempering required so you can simply melt the candies to be on your way to countless candy making and decorating uses.

With a smooth and creamy texture when melted, use candy melts to dip, mould or coat other forms of confectionary such as cupcakes. A popular use for candy melts is to decorate cake pops. Cake pops are cupcakes presented on a lollipop stick and candy melts can be used to coat the cake to the lollipop stick while adding a professional decorated finish.

Choose from a variety of colours including pink, orange and white. At MakeBake we sell candy melts in a selection of different quantities so you can select the perfect amount for any baking project.

As well as candy melts, we also have all of the cake and cupcake supplies you will need to make delicious confectionary creations all year round.

Make and decorate delicious candy with Wiltons candy melts. Get creative in the kitchen and use flavoured and coloured candy melts to coat sweet treats like cake pops, cupcakes, cakes, muffins and more!