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Cupcake Carrier

Once you've gone to the trouble of baking a whole variety of cupcakes, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged in transit to their destination. Cupcake carriers are the perfect way of ensuring your fairy cake delights stay intact and end up being presented just as beautifully as you had hoped.

Whether you choose a plastic cupcake carrier or a corrugated cardboard carrier, make sure that the material is sturdy and steadfast, so that it won't be damaged easily or even wilt in inclement weather conditions.

Cupcake carriers often have individual segments for each cake, allowing them room to breathe and avoiding any smudging or transferral effects from one cake on to another. By having specific compartments, it also means that each cupcake will be held even more securely in place and stops them from sliding around the box.

A plastic cupcake carrier can prove particularly handy as they are reusable and can be wiped clean. Sturdy lids will ensure your cakes arrive safe and sound and in addition, some cupcake carriers will have removable compartments, allowing you to transport a single large cake or several extra mini-cupcakes.

Carriers with tall sides are perfect for tall topping decorations, whilst deeper carriers will often provide stackable trays, allowing you to transport even more glorious cupcakes to their final destination. Whether you just want to present six cupcakes or ferry up to 36 cakes, there is a carrier to ensure they'll all arrive in one piece.