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Cupcake Mould

The fashion for pretty cupcakes shows no signs of abating. Whether you're a professional baker, or you're an amateur who's interested in making pretty cupcakes, you need the right equipment to ensure that you turn out perfect cakes every time.

Baking technology has come a long way since the basic metal fairy cake tins we all grew up with. While metal trays and tins are fine for home-baking, you'll get better results if you use a specially designed cupcake mould. Many baking enthusiasts swear by silicon moulds; these moulds are non-stick meaning cakes can be popped out easily, enabling you to bake lots of cakes without worrying about any getting damaged.

Whether you're looking for small trays or cases for miniature cupcakes, or large cupcake moulds for a more substantial treat, there's guaranteed to be a cupcake mould to suit your needs. Larger moulds are ideal for those who own a cupcake shop or cafe and need to produce large volumes of cakes. Cupcake moulds can be especially useful if you're baking for a party as it's hard to get a uniform look if you're baking a lot of cakes.

Cupcake top moulds are also popular with professional and amateur bakers. Specially designed for sugarcraft work, these moulds are ideal when you're decorating large numbers of cupcakes for a wedding or birthday party. For baking and decoration specialist cupcake moulds made from plastic or silicone take the hassle out of making cakes, so shop around to find the right product for you.