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Cupcake Containers

Making cupcakes appears to be the latest craze to hit the UK. It is however always a challenge to know how to transport your cupcakes safely. The cheapest method of transportation is via Royal Mail. The problem with this is that the cakes will be overturned during transit and not arrive in the best condition.

A same day courier service is often the best option. Couriers are however often reluctant to carry cake products because there is a risk of them tipping over and them getting damaged. Using a courier also means that cupcakes have to be delivered in bulk, for cost effective reasons, which many customers do not want.

Cupcake containers are required to keep the cakes upright, ensure the icing does not run and keep the item fresh. For this reason, the container needs to be airtight.

A cupcake courier is a versatile and convenient way to transport your cakes and cupcakes. In effect, these containers are large baskets, available in a variety of colours. The product is a set of rectangular plastic containers designed to be sturdy and practical. A cupcake courier has been designed so that several trays may be stacked on top of each other with a comfortable handle and secure base. Apart from carrying cupcakes, the containers can also carry muffins, shortbread and sponges. They are easy to wash and reuse.

Couriers need to be encouraged to use these innovative cupcake containers. For a small investment, cakes can successfully reach their destination. This is particularly useful for bakeries, particularly those providing cakes for special occasions.